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  1. 20 July 2014

    August 12, 2014 by Michelle

    More eating shots of the little monkey:

    IMG_4389 IMG_4387 IMG_4384


  2. 17 July 2014

    August 12, 2014 by Michelle

    We started the little monkey on solids before she was 6 months but she didn’t really take to it. So we gave it a break and tried again – much more successful but what a mess! I had forgotten how much mess they make…

    IMG_4369 IMG_4368 IMG_4367

    I think she was rather pleased with herself!

  3. 16 July 2014

    August 8, 2014 by Michelle

    Juggling was the name of the day and Boo has diligently been practicing her “juggling” all school holidays…


    She mastered throwing one bean bag from one hand to another and then two bean bags – she is a persistent little thing :)

    And of course more drawing:


  4. 15 July 2014

    August 8, 2014 by Michelle

    Still sick today and still in Pjs :) We spent the day making “Egyptian” necklaces and bracelets. Using a paper plate, we cut out the middles and decorated them. They were meant to be Egyptian themed but they ended up being just pretty stickers / colours etc. Sometimes what is planned turns out differently but that is the beauty with art :)

    IMG_4354 IMG_4352


    We couldn’t bear to throw out the middles so Boo decided to make them into faces:

    IMG_4351 IMG_4350 IMG_4349


    All in all a nice relaxing, but creative day :) If only every day could be like this!

  5. 14 July 2014

    July 21, 2014 by Michelle

    We had a very busy / productive day despite both girls being sick. Boo was a real trooper – sick but still a happy thing and kept herself occupied with a whole heap of craft :) This was her with her Usborne travelling cards (yes, we all stayed in our PJs for the whole day…):

    IMG_4343 IMG_4329

    And then we had a mini art gallery display:IMG_4331

    Some collage work using the contact papers we picked up from Remida a while ago:



    And I also promised Boo that I would take pictures of her artwork all throughout the year so that we could compile them into 1 book at the end of the year so here are some other pictures of what she has drawn:

    IMG_4347 IMG_4345

    I love that she is loving drawing right now! :D